My Home tiles and grouts are too mucky specially grout…… What can I do now?

Tiles in your house are often porous and after a time there is dirty layer on your tiles that are impossible to remove. When there is a grout haze can easily form on porcelain and factory imperfections in the porcelain can make the task of cleaning proclaim tiles a difficult task.  When there is installation of tiles in your home then it has taken a prominent place in new homes, and also provides an elegant appearance and easy maintenance in your home. When you don’t provide proper care of your tiles then it makes your tiles too mucky and grout between the tiles are also too grimy and it can be tough to know exactly how to clean grout. At that time when you take right cleaning solution with bit of elbow grease, you can get your grout looking fresh and brand new. You all know that when your home tiles are too dirty then at that it should be result as the grout smog left on the tiles or this can actually be the finish of the porcelain tiles. The dirty grout can usually be cleaned with an acidic tile and grout cleaning Canberra solution but there are many other imperfections in the shine or look of the tiles that cannot be effectively cleaned up and removed. The grout between tiles is very porous and also absorbs all the dirt, grease and other materials. So at that time you have to clean your grout with a commercially prepared grout cleaner or at that time you can also use a mild bleach solution. But when there are deep stains on your tiles then at that time you have to allow the cleaner to sit for 10 minutes. After that you have use a toothbrush or other small scrub brush to scrub the grout.


Methods to provide clean your tiles:-

  • If you want to provide cleaning to your tiles then at that time you have use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in water. After that you have to put all the solution into an empty spray bottle. The major functionality of vinegar is that it acts as a degreaser; baking soda helps to eliminates all the odors from grout and tiles. This solution should be left on the tiles for a minute to fully dissolve the build-up, and then should be wiped off with a damp microfiber cloth.

  • If your tiles are suffered with stubborn stains then at that time you have to need to use stronger products such as oxygen bleach powder, hydrogen peroxide. These types of solutions should be diluted before use. But at that time you don’t overusing bleach these heavy duty cleaners that can damage your grout over time. But at that time you have to recommend for tough stains, not for regular upkeep.

  • Borax powder is also effective to clean your tiles because it is highly alkaline which is why borax is so effective at cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing your tiles. You have to sponge into a bowl of the powder and scrub until your tiles and grout shine.

  • You also use steam cleaning method to clean the tiles of your home. It is very effective method of remove all the dirt, soap residue, bacteria and mold, steam cleaners and pressure to do their job.